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Yogini Brittany

Welcome Beloved!

I'm a celebrity Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Wellness Educator. Your journey doesn't have to be overwhelming or confusing. I'm here to walk with you step by step. 

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My wellness

How I got here

Meditative movement and fitness have always been a part of my life. From an athlete to a successful wellness entrepreneur, from a health enthusiast to a food as medicine restaurateur. I'm an advocate for holistic living and enjoy serving as a guide for self-healing & spiritual expansion.


The Yogic Lifestyle found me and has helped me cultivate a truly blissful life. Through my own experience of illness, trauma, misery, injury, I found healing in soul nourishing food, daily self-care rituals and cultured global travel experiences.

It has become my mission to empower others to discover their medicine, connect with their inner spirit guides, flower their mind, and heal their bodies.

I would be honored to guide you with professionalism and expertise down a truly transformative path towards self-discovery, peace & love!

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